Over 20 years of energy expertise


Energy21 helps utilities and large-scale energy users to understand the numbers on which they base their energy decisions. Next, we digitalize decision-making by designing, delivering and optimizing their energy processes using our SaaS applications or API based web applications.

We are based in the Netherlands yet most of our energy experts work at our client’s offices around Europe.

Future proof business models

We embrace the opportunities that arise from the crucial changes in the energy market, include them in our DNA and team up with our clients to turn them into valuable assets. Energy21 initiates, tests and delivers future proof energy business models and orchestrates the according operational processes. We:

Set clear, future proof business goals
Translate these into operational process designs
Secure flawless integration & management of energy data streams
Connect financial, physical and operational parameters
Turn data into valid, complete and up-to-date information on your energy balance
Create actionable overviews that enable substantiated energy decisions


Large-scale energy users, including Closed Distribution System network operators
Energy suppliers managing a retail portfolio
Energy producers
Energy balancers
Energy traders
System administrators
System operators